Recovery Retainer Service.

1- Introducing the Recovery Retainer
Service from BlockTrust.

Oraganization around the world are witnessing a period of heightened cyber incidents. Malicious and costly incidents such as ransomeware, Distributed Denial os Service(DDoS), data theft, and data manipulations are set to rise. Buisness must adopt an "assume cyber incident" mindset and be prepared to migrate the impact of cyber incidents. BlockTrust Recovery Retainer Service provides experts on the ground to help organizations recover from cyber incidents like ransomeware.

2- Access your cyber resilience readiness and recover quickly from cyber incidents.

BlockTrust Recovery Retainer Service is an offering from BlockTrust that proactively strengthens your cyber recovery preparedness, speed, and performance. Our qualified experts deliver emergency support for recovery operations. Whether you are a new or existing BlockTrust customer, there has never been a better time to review and realign your cyber resilience program. BlockTrust is a trusted global partner with > extensive experience helping customers improve cyber incident readiness and recovery. BlockTrust Recovery Retainer Service provides peace of mind, with onsite experts that help organizations reduce risk before and after a cyber incident.

3- BlockTrust Recovery Retainer Service Key Benefits.

Unlike most existing incident recovery retainers in the market, Recovery Retainer Service from BlockTrust provides the ability to access your existing cyber resilience posture, run recovery actions remotely or onsite on notification of a cyber incident. This enables you to recover your production environments and return to buisness. Our service can help you : 1. Proactively strengthen your cyber incident recovery preparedness and plan for response. 2. Reduce the impact of cyber incidents. 3. Overcome skills shortage with on demand availability of cyber recovery experts.

4- Mitigate the impact of cyber incidents and ensure buisness continuity. BlockTrust Recovery Retainer Service is designed to enable resilient models to mitigate risks and ensure buisness continuity.

Our cyber resilience best practices, advanced technologies and expertise help you defend against those risks, protects your buisness-critical applications and data, and accelerate recovery from breaches and disruptions. We offer experience helping thousands of customers anticipate, protect against, and recover from outages.

5- Choose your Recovery Retainer Service model.

Recovery Retainer Service offers three tiers of service, providing flexible options to choose form, along with proactive and recovery services, based on your need and cyber readiness maturity. We provide remote and onsite support capability with assured response time for invocation, triage, and onsite recovery support depending upon tier selected. Recovery Retainer Service also argument your existing capabilities by providing both strategic and technical pre-incident recommendations.

6- Recovery Retainer Service tiered options.

BlockTrust offers three recovery retainer tiers to fit your requirements. All tiers include an intake workshop, access to 24/7 phone support you recovery requirements in the event of a disruptive cyber incident, like ransomware. Depending upon tier purchased, you also recieve credit to select from a menu of proactive services to help ensure your recoverability.

Tier 1

1- Includes an initial intake.

2- Includes 24/7 phone support.

3- +60 annual recovery hours for recovery services.

4- Additional hours available for purchase.

Tier 2

1- Includes an initial intake.

2- Includes 24/7 phone support.

3- Includes 2 proactive service units.

4- +80 annual hours available for purchase.

5- Leadership recovery actions.

Tier 3

1- Includes an initial intake.

2- Includes 24/7 phone support.

3- Includes 3 proactive service units.

4- +150 annual retainer hours for recovery services.

5- Additional hours available for purchase.

6- Leadership and hands-on recovery actions.

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