End-to-End Protection to Secure your Data, physical Assets and Virtual Assets Online and Offline as well as Onchain and Offchain.


What We Offer

Ransomware Protection
as a Service - RPaaS

Cybercriminals have turned to ransomware as the latest go-to tool for attacking and extorting businesses using a wide range of variants such as WannaCry, Cryptowall, Samas, Locky, and TeslaCrypt. The recent outbreak of WannaCry was one of the largest and worst ransomware campaigns ever. Traditional signature-based antivirus and threat detection methods have proven to be woefully ineffective against such attacks. Our comprehensive threat modeling and audit protects your organization from cybercriminals.

Smart Contract Security Audit

Prove the correctness of smart contracts compiled for Solana, BSC, NEAR, TON and Ethereum,virtual machines as well as all EVM-compliant blockchains.

Blockchain Advisory Services

Receive targeted advice from a senior engineer on the verification topic of your choice: smart contracts, tokens, protocols, or virtual machines.

Emergency Incident Response

Incident response is the methodology an organization uses to respond to and manage a cyberattack. An attack or data breach can wreak havoc potentially affecting customers, intellectual property company time and resources, and brand value. An incident response aims to reduce this damage and recover as quickly as possible.

We respond to any data breach or hacks reported by our clients 24x7, 365 days. Just ping us on our telegram and send us an email immediately describing the nature of data breach or hacking incidence. And out will team will get back to you within minutes if not hours.

Software & Hardware

Get a comprehensive understanding of your security landscape and be absolutely confident in your technology and infrastructure. Our software assurance team are experts in system software, blockchain, cryptography, embedded devices and more.

Penetration Testing and
Security Assessment

We carry out DDoS Resistance, Web Application, Android Penetration Testing, iOS Penetration Testing and Network Penetration Testing. Besides we undertake Vulnerability Assessment, Threat Modelling, Cloud Security Assessment, WIRA and Social Engineering.

Protocol Verification

Increase confidence in the correctness and security of the decentralized system powered by your protocol.

Blockchain Virtual Machine Development

We develop custom blockchain VMs based on LLVM toolkit as per your requirement specifications.

Research & Development

We are an industry leader in high-end security research. Our team has a track record of discovering critical Internet and smart contract vulnerabilities in targets hardened by dedicated security teams. When we can, we share the deep science that underpins our work for the betterment of all. Our team can build custom tools to keep your organization, software, hardware and decentralized protocol secure.


Top Benefits and Exceptional Culture

We hire remarkable talent and are looking to add to our team. Please check out our career opportunities and benefits by emailing your resume to

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